How to host a virtual garage sale
By Mick Fritschy, 27/09/2021

I ran quite a few lemonade stalls when I was a kid. I had an awesome recipe which was passed down to me from my grandmother, and I’d spend a couple of hours working like a little scientist to get the flavours just right. What really took time was spreading the word! I´d spend about a week designing my flyers, getting them printed out, riding all around the suburb on my BMX dropping them all off, and colouring in signs to stick up everywhere I could think of. 

What do kids do now? Just send out a message on social media! 

And what are adults doing? Taking their garage sales online (and then pretending the whole online thing was their idea in the first place 😊). 

Here’s our super simple guide for how to run a virtual garage sale on Rosella Street 

Rosella Street allows you to list all your items in one place, chat with buyers and make safe transactions (all users are ID verified). Plus, a tree will be planted for every sale, lowering your carbon footprint. Win win! 

Step one, 


Step two, click the “sign up” button (in the top right corner on a computer, or accessed from the top left-hand menu on your phone) and complete the sign-up form. Include your mobile number if you would like to receive SMS notifications when someone enquires about your items.  

Step three, take landscape photos of all the items you want to sell and transfer them to the device you plan to use to make a listing. This can be done on mobile or desktop.  

Step four, return to the home page and click “add a listing” (in the top right corner on a computer, or accessed from the top left-hand menu on your phone). 

Step five, fill out the listing form, include your photos, description, and price. Repeat the process for each of your items.  

Step six, share your listings through social media! Click on any of your listings, scroll down and click “view profile”, copy the web address, and then simply share it on social media, emails or wherever you like! Don´t forget to include the date and time you plan to hold your garage sale. 

* If you are holding your virtual garage sale in November, we highly recommend linking it to the Garage Sale Trail.  

Step seven, people interested in your items will message you through platform chat. Edit your listing if you agree on a different price to what you had originally listed.  

Step eight, payment is then made securely through the platform, and you can organise pick up or delivery arrangements (including contactless pick up depending on any COVID restrictions in your area). 

You can make the event special by offering discounts, including personalised notes, listing items for free or even video calling or live streaming to the people you want to make purchases. There’s plenty of ways to have fun while de-cluttering, even from home! 

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