Celebrities that live sustainably.
These stars have been making a real difference in the world with their sustainable lifestyles.
By Grace Carr, 11/11/2021


The Canadian rapper has partnered and invested in an environmentally friendly start-up called Aspiration. The company plans to calculate Drake’s environmental impact and help him offset it. The company is a bank that focuses on making a difference in both the way they treat customers and the planet. They are against the “big bank” attitude, “unlike the Big Banks, we don’t use your deposits to fund oil pipelines or turn your fees into campaign contributions to the politicians that work against you,” they say on their website.

“Aspiration’s innovative approach to combating climate change is really inspiring and I hope together we can help to motivate and create awareness," Drake said, as per Complex.

The bank gives 10% of every dollar made back to struggling Americans and promises that customers money will never go toward oil pipelines, coal mining or Artic drilling. They also have a function on their website that allows customers to calculate exactly how much money has been divested from fossil fuels according to their account balance. “Every $1,000 you transfer to Aspiration from Big Banks has the annual planet-saving climate impact of up to 6,000 fewer miles driven by the average car” they say on their website.

Stella McCartney,

The acclaimed fashion designer and daughter of Beatles alum Paul McCartney has been using vegan and sustainable products and labour to produce her clothing line since it is start. According to the Stella McCartney website they have never used leather, feathers, or skin since 2001. The brand aims to create sustainable and cruelty free fashion. According to the Stella McCartney website, the environmental impact of using animal products, like leather, accounts for 18% of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to deforestation. This is why the company focused on using innovative solutions like vegan leather and solvent-free polyurethanes that use less energy to create.

Stella McCartney has multiple sustainable solutions for creating high end fashion like using recycled cashmere for knit products, recycled nylon and synthetic materials, organic cotton, exploring new ways of creating silk sustainably, collaborating with Greenpeace and considering what happens to their products after they have been sold with the Clevercare solution.

Clevercare is McCartney’s way of combatting clothing landfill by educating buyers on proper garment care and supplying specific washing instructions to make sure clothes are not unnecessarily or incorrectly washed to help save power and water.

“According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American throws out seventy pounds of garments every year – with 85% of it ending up in landfill. On top of this, laundry accounts for approximately one quarter of the carbon footprint of clothing.”– the Stella McCartney website.

The brand also works closely with Bolt Threads, a biotechnology company, to create natural ingredient fabrics. In March of 2020 the brand, in collaboration with Bolt Threads, realised the first garment to be made entirely from bio-based materials.


Joaquin Phoenix,

The Joker actor and proud vegan Joaquin Phoenix recently pledged to wear the same Stella McCartney tuxedo throughout the 2020 awards season. He wore the same suit, made by the aforementioned sustainable designer brand, to promote reusing and speak out against the wasteful attitudes of the fashion industry, he then appeared at the 2021 Oscars in the same suit. During his 2020 Golden Globes speech he said, “we don’t have to take private jets to Palm Springs, I will try to do better, and I hope you will to”, calling out his Hollywood colleagues and promoting sustainability. He was then arrested a few days later for attending Jane Fonda’s climate change protest.

Jane Fonda,

The legendary actor and activist is well known for her dramatic escapades both on the street and on the screen. Fonda has been arrested multiple times for protesting war, sexism, homophobia, racism, and climate change among many other well deserving costs. Recently, while supporting Greta Thunberg to raise awareness about climate change, Fonda said, “All of these young people striking on Friday, saying, ‘Come on, adults, where are you? We did not cause this, but it is our future that is at stake. Don’t let us fight for this by ourselves.” She referenced climate change as a “ticking time bomb hanging over our heads” and said that what is happening to the planet is a catastrophe that has never happened in the history of humankind.

Shailene Woodley,

Big Little Lies and Divergent star Shailene Woodley has been vocal about her efforts to live a more sustainable lifestyle, stating that she has always cared for the planet and the majority of her clothes are second hand, "I’m going to be a citizen of this planet, and I’m going to do my responsibility and live in stride with nature instead of constantly fighting against her," she said. In 2016, Woodley was given the Entertainment Industry Environmental Leadership Award for co-founding the All It Takes Organisation, a NFP that helps support communities and sustainability.

In 2019 Woodley became an Oceans Ambassador for Greenpeace and went on a three-week expedition to the Sargasso Sea to study and document the environmental impact of plastics on marine life under an ocean treaty that is being negotiated with the United Nations.

Cate Blanchett,

The Oscar winning Aussie is a big advocate for sustainability in the theatre world. Alongside her husband, Andrew Upton, the actor invested in the Sydney Theatre Company to fund a huge green energy initiative that saw the installation of just under 2000 solar panels to the Wharf Theatre in Walsh Bay, providing around 70% of the power needed to run the theatre. She is also an activist for the reuse and recycling of props and costumes in theatre to avoid waste.

Blanchett is also an Ambassador for the Australian Conversation Foundation which helps encourage people to share their concerns about climate change and campaign for environmental justice.

Leonardo DiCaprio,

Hollywood alum DiCaprio may be known well known for his Oscar winning roles, but he is also a regular donator and investor of innovative and sustainable products. DiCaprio has invested in Beyond Meat, a vegan and plant-based food company, Runa, a rainforest conversation focused tea brand and eco-friendly meal prep company Love the Wild, among many others. It is simple to say that DiCaprio puts his money where his mouth is by investing in these sustainable start-ups. 


Rosario Dawson,

Dawson is known in Hollywood for being a jack of all trades. Her bigger roles include the movie musical Rent, long running comedy/drama series Jane the Virgin, Marvel’s Daredevil and many other film, voice acting and musical roles. However, while Dawson is insanely talented, she is also the co-founder of the sustainable fashion brand Voz. Dawson say’s that the brand is all about connecting people with where their clothes come from and supporting artists and designers.

“VOZ is created by heart and hand for the wearer. We collaborate with artisans in communities in Southern Chile and Peru to design, prototype and produce the defining elements of each collection. Believing in long term, sustainable fair-trade employment, VOZ provides professional education, authorship credit and royalties to artisan partners.” – The Voz website.

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