Four ways to make your beauty routine more sustainable!
By Grace Carr, 15/9/2021

Bringing sustainability into your routine can seem overwhelming but there are many simple ways to make your beauty routine better for the earth.

Number one: Come up with a plan.

The best way to bring sustainability into your life is by finding out what works best for you. You may find it easier to swap things gradually,do one big sweep or even remove elements from your routine to save yourself time and money as well. There are plenty of options for sustainable brands and a lot to consider. You may want to explore locally sourced items only or investigate overseas products as well.

Number two: Start with the basics.

The best way to start is to outline the parts of your beauty routine, skincare, makeup and hygiene, that are essential. Work out what exactly you need and what you can go without, this will help you narrow down the sustainable items you should purchase.

Start with the basics like shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, basic makeup and skincare like mascara, foundation, blush, and moisturiser. Finding sustainable swaps for these core elements of your routine can make a massive difference to the impact you’re making on the earth.


Number three: Staple brands.

There are a few staple brands that offer simple swaps for your beauty routine, like The Body Shop, Lush and Sukin.

The Body Shop has been around forever -there’s likely one in your local shopping centre. They offer environmentally friendly beauty, skincare, haircare, and fragrance products. They are 100% cruelty free and are fighting to stop animal testing in the cosmetic industry for good. According to their website they are helping fight climate change, source their materials sustainably and have ethical working environments. They are part of Natura and Co, a collection of beauty companies that have shared values when it comes to looking after the earth.

Lush is an international store, but they make all their Australian products in Sydney. Lush uses minimal packaging and gives you the option to return packaging to the store so it can be recycled or refilled. When they cannot avoid packaging, they use as much recycled materials as possible. They are also 100% vegetarian, against animal testing and all products are created in ethical work environments. Lush has a massive range of products from shampoo to makeup. There is also likely one at your local shops so it’s an easy option!

Sukin is an Australian skincare brand that has clean and cruelty free options for almost everything you need. They are Australian made, vegan, carbon neutral and use all natural ingredients. You can also find their products almost everywhere from your local chemist to the supermarket. Sukin make it very easy to switch to a more sustainable beauty routine. They offer everything from haircare, skincare, hand creams, body care and SPF products.


Number four: Do your research.

Some companies can be vague or dishonest about their products and where they come from. Before purchasing it can be helpful to do a little bit of research to make sure they are genuine. Read reviews, check social media comments and explore the websites ‘about us’ section to find out more about the products they are selling. You can join online groups focused on sustainability that can help you locate better options or check out our list of sustainable beauty swaps!



Small choices can make a big difference to our carbon footprint and the amount of waste we produce. By purchasing more ethical products for our everyday routines like hygiene and beauty we can work towards a more sustainable future.

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