How to set up a community buy/sell group for your school
By Mick Fritschy, 10/9/2021

What does an elephant and school uniforms have in common? Answer: the equivalent weight of one elephant worth of school uniforms is added to landfill in Australia every month.

If that doesn't grab you, no doubt the hit to the hip pocket from buying school uniforms does. 


Rosella Street is here to help sort out this problem by enabling parents to band together in a shared marketplace specifically for their school. Items which can be listed on the platform extend beyond just school uniforms…..basically anything can be listed which is of interest to your school community, including sporting gear, musical instruments, and toys. 


And Rosella street is not just about more convenient access to what you need, it is also about reducing waste, saving money, and bringing the school community closer together.


How does it work? 

  • A member of the school community nominates as an admin to start a group on Rosella St.
  • Each group has a customised banner page, description, and rules.
  • Admins send invitations to their community, with a set of joining questions (similar to joining a facebook group), and accept or decline new members.
  • All members are ID verified and set up with a secure payment account.
  • Only members of the group will be able to transact within the group (including sharing, donating and buying and selling items between members of the school community).


    Interested in helping start buy/sell groups at your school? 

    Rosella Street is looking for people keen to sow the seeds of buy/sell groups at their school. Launching is easy, with a suite of materials provided by Rosella Street. 


    School already has a uniform shop? Here's five reasons to take it online: 

  • Access to greater variety (people can list anything relevant to the school community on the platform)
  • Access 24/7 (unrestricted by uniform shop opening hours)
  • More convenience (what you are looking for might just be available around the corner)
  • Improved community connections (band together with the rest of the school community to help people get what they need).

    Cost to set up a group: FREE 


    Keen to help, or to hear more? Shoot an email to to pick up a starter pack.

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