Five affordable and sustainable swaps you can make today!
By Grace Carr, 10/9/2021

Here are some of our favourite affordable swaps to start your journey toward a sustainable lifestyle.

Number one, try shopping second hand!  


Buying second-hand clothes can be a wonderful way to stop fuelling ‘fast fashion’ which contributes billions of tonnes of waste to landfill. You can often find cheaper alternatives and challenge yourself a little by sorting through what second-hand retailers have to offer!  

Plus, by buying used clothes you are not contributing to poor labour standards or funding brands that have a huge carbon footprint! 

If you can't make it to the shops, try second-hand shopping online! Rosella Street allows users to upload all kinds of items, even clothes, so you may be able to snatch a new outfit for less or even for free!  


Number two, grab a reusable razor!  

According to the average person uses over 2000 disposable razors in their life, yikes. So it may be time to take that step and make the purchase. You can find metal razors or reusable electric shavers for many different price points online or in stores, it's worth doing your research.  


Taking the step and buying a reusable razor can save you hundreds in the long term and it also stops you from contributing to plastic waste!  Win, win! 



Number three, buy a new toothbrush! 

There are plenty of sustainable options for brushing your teeth that range from $7 to $200. 

You could try a bamboo or recyclable toothbrush. You could also invest in a more permanent electric toothbrush or a metal, manual toothbrush like Oral B's Clic which is around $30.   

National Geographic says that billions of toothbrushes are tossed away annually, that's insane.  By swapping your old plastic toothbrush, you could reduce those numbers significantly!  


Number four, plastic bottles!  

Stop buying plastic bottles! By not purchasing single use plastic bottles you can make a real difference to plastic waste and the earth.  

This gives you the opportunity to invest in an eco-friendly water bottle. There are a lot of options when it comes to reusable bottles, we would suggest getting something that will last while and keep your drinks fresh and cool! You can fill them up from the tap or even start making your own beverages! You can make iced tea, lemonade or juices at home easily!  

We also know that access to safe, drinkable tap water isn’t an option for a lot of people so small water filters have been becoming increasingly popular lately. There are many water filters available that range from tablets, straws, UV lights and gravity filters. So, if your tap water isn’t safe to drink these filters are life-savers. Literally! 


Number five, bags!  

A simple and cheap way to become more sustainable is by spending those extra pennies on the good quality reusable bags. A lot of places we shop offer cheap plastic bags for a small cost or a reusable option for a higher price point.  

By purchasing a tote bag or reusable grocery bag you are adding to your collection of sustainable products. You can keep some in your car, handbag, at the office and by the door to make sure you always have one with you! The more you have, the more likely you are to use them.  



Our best tip is to become a conscious consumer and person. Think more about what you are doing and using when it comes to the planet’s health. We can make a difference by changing the way we think and live.  

If you want to stop contributing to landfill and start giving back to the planet, try shopping with Rosella Street. We offer users the change to enter a circular economy where items are instead of tossing them away! Visit 

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